Announcement - 6/19/2023

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On June 4th, at 5:56 PM, I finished my walk across the state of Ohio.

This walk raised over $3,200 for Sandy Hook Promise, a non-profit based out of Connecticut that does community work to prevent community and school violence, and creates programs such as See Something Say Something Tipline - something that saved my life years ago.

I want to thank Truth Initiative for being my sponsor, as their support was crucial for me to do what I did. Truth Initiative is America's leading non-profit that works with current and future generations to see that nicotine, tobacco use, and e-cigarettes become a thing of the past.

At the time of writing this announcement, i'm in northern Florida recuperating and unfolding the next chapter of my life. I hope to see you all again and to come together with another project like this to make the world at least a little bit better. But for now, I hope you all have a great day, and continue to be daring. Because that's what the world needs. 

Thank you.

Ethan Harrer